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Tech Talent South Offering Free Technical Training to Residents of Newport News impacted by COVID-19.

The remote training is scheduled to begin on October 12th. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply immediately.

Meagan Michal   |   2 min read

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12 Latinas Leading in Tech That You Should Follow

Meet 12 of the next generation of Latina leaders who are reshaping the way we use technology.

Sydney Stern Miller   |   11 min read

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How to Bug-Fix and Maintain Your Sanity

It happens to everyone; you spend hours pouring over your code, tweaking, testing, and re-running it, only to hit error after error. ...

Maggie Chang   |   6 min read

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18 Military Veterans in Tech You Should be Following

Meet 18 standout veterans in technology who are going way above and beyond the call of duty to advance the profession they love and t...

Sydney Stern Miller   |   10 min read

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5 Ways to Make Tech Hiring More Inclusive

It’s no secret that there is a shortage of diverse tech talent - but it’s not for a lack of available candidates. What's to blame? Th...

Sydney Stern Miller   |   6 min read

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The Future of Technology

How Tech Talent South helps bridge the gap in quality tech talent and training.

Sydney Stern Miller   |   3 min read

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Upskilling a Retail Distribution Giant (a TTS case study)

Tech Talent South provided an in-house, custom upskilling program for the existing technical team of a multibillion-dollar retail and...

Yamila Saiegh   |   2 min read

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