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4 Text Editors You Should Think About Using

Today, many text editors provide amazing features that help you write better code, type faster, debug easier, and perform tasks quick...

Zack Kirchin, CTO of Tech Talent South   |   3 min read

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Ruby's Spaceship Operator <=>

Although quite simple, Ruby's spaceship operator can seem confusing and overwhelming for anyone who has never used it.

Walid Asmar   |   3 min read

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The powerful Shopify theme editor and what you can do with it

Shopify is the fastest growing e-commerce platform out today. It provides hosting, SSL certificate, basic reporting, and payment gat...

Greg Martin, Arya Creative   |   4 min read

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3 APIs You Should Check Out This Weekend

API stands for Application Program Interface (API), a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.

Heather Creighton   |   2 min read

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What is Functional Programming?

Functional programming (FP) is the process of building software by composing pure functions, avoiding shared state, mutable data, and...

Zack Kirchin, CTO of Tech Talent South   |   2 min read

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Quick and Dirty Markdown Cheat Sheet

Learn to write in markdown quickly and easily!

Zack Kirchin, CTO of Tech Talent South   |   5 min read

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What is MongoDB and how does it differ from sql?

According to the documentation from MongoDB, "When compared to relational databases, NoSQL databases are more scalable and provide su...

Gregory Testo   |   1 min read

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Guest Post: SwitchUp on Writing A Review That “Pays-It-Forward”

Reviews and feedback are extremely important for future students, thanks to an ever-growing number of options for tech education.

Mary Bergeron, SwitchUp   |   3 min read

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