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17 Data Scientists of Color That You Should Follow Right Now

We’ve curated a list of people of color who are providing valuable insights, wisdom, and projects in the fields of data science, AI, ...

Sydney Stern Miller   |   9 min read

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Tips on Working Remote From a Remote Team

Many people are now working from home, some for the very first time. We at TTS have a pretty remote team - here are some tips and tri...

Yamila Saiegh   |   3 min read

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Balancing User Experience With SEO in Website Development

A user’s experience on-site can have a tangible impact on its ranking strength. Here are some digital marketing considerations when s...

Cory Agular   |   5 min read

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A Followup Email to a Code School Student

Morgan J. Lopes is the CEO of Polar Notion and the CTO of New Story Charity. Check out his email response to one of our code school s...

Meagan Michal   |   1 min read

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Interacting with Classes

When beginning Ruby, one often overlooked concept is how classes interact with each other.

Lee McCormick   |   10 min read

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An intro to Yeoman

In the world of front-end web development great tools are everywhere. Yeoman is comprised of three tools: Bower, Grunt, and Yo.

Joe Tamburro   |   2 min read

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Three Ways to Find Your Flow

Flow can be defined as “getting into the zone.” Finding your flow has been said to increase happiness and offer you the best experie...

Carly Gardner   |   5 min read

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The Marshal's Here to Save the Data

Now, just because saving data is nice and easy when using Rails, it doesn’t mean that saving data in a stand-alone Ruby program is a ...

Aaron Groch   |   4 min read

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