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A smile, lemonade & one big MacbookPro...

Abby Miressi, Nov, 15 2014 | 2 min read


That’s all I had walking into my first Tech Talent South class. From the get-go, I dove in head first. With applying to the program, adjusting my full-time work schedule to accommodate the course, and submitting my first payment, I jumped in with no looking back. Coding, web design and programming were always on my list of skills to add to my professional arsenal, but I just hadn’t found the time. Then, word of Tech Talent South popped up in a group notification on Facebook, and it seemed like a perfect sign.  


Let me introduce myself. I’m Melissa - a 2013 Elon University graduate with a big personality, a big heart, and an even bigger love for guacamole. I work full-time at a marketing agency as an Account Executive with the most amazing and quirky coworkers around. I’m obsessed with my shepherd mix pup, Remy (Remington Steele, to be accurate), and I eat way too much Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for someone my age. When I watched a video of Lauren Conrad facing an awkward “Cosmo Magazine-type” question and replying that her favorite position was CEO (not quite the answer they were looking for), I knew I wanted to be my own boss one day. They say don’t mess with a woman and her dreams… which may explain why my wonderful boyfriend was more than happy to support my decision to enroll in this program.  I’ve sat wide-eyed and curious in the TTS Charlotte classroom for 9 cumulative hours now, and I can honestly say that my brain very tired. My mind is constantly processing as we sit in class, and after I pack up my things and trek out to my car, I find my head buzzing with ideas, dreams, and Ruby methods. It is truly the best kind of “tired.”  The other students in my cohort have been wonderful. We nervously introduced ourselves throughout the class periods and swapped emails and phone numbers to schedule coffee and coding meet-ups. We have two amazing instructors, Scott and Zack, but we also lean on each other for support. We lean over without hesitation and mutter questions like, “Are you getting an error, too?” and, “Mind showing me what you did there?” Everyone is here because they WANT to be. We all are eager to learn and master every technique we are taught. The next six weeks are going to be nuts. They will be full-on crazy, and I don’t think anyone can comprehend how gosh-darn excited I am! If you think I won’t go full-on geek and create something mind-blowing in the future, you are sorely mistaken.  For now, I’ll be reading and re-reading my class notes so I can keep up in the fast paced and inspiring community that is Tech Talent South…..and probably eating some chips and guac in the process…

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