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Tech Talent South Launches Tech Training Program for Maricopa County Residents

Mary Lachapelle, Mar, 18 2022 | 1 min read


Maricopa County, AZ and Tech Talent South are excited to announce our partnership on the Maricopa County Tech Accelerator (MCTA), a remote Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) program for Maricopa County residents!

The ultimate goal of the program is to help retain a skilled workforce and avert the layoff of employees by assisting the workers in obtaining the skills necessary to retain employment. 

The Maricopa County Tech Accelerator will kick off in May 2022 and will run continuous cohorts through November 2023. Tech Talent South will train 90 employees on the foundations of full-stack web development and other in-demand tech skills -- how to make cloud systems, data structures, mobile apps, and the digital systems upon which businesses rely. Morning and evening courses are available to accommodate learners’ work schedules. You can preview the course syllabus here.

As a part of Maricopa County’s Employer Services Initiative (ESI), this program offers employers a broad range of employee retention services by providing comprehensive and detailed workforce programs for various populations including populations that have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic; including but not limited to youth, justice-involved persons, and single parents. This program also seeks to assist employees who are underemployed obtain better employment within the organization they are currently employed in.

This program is partially funded by the American Rescue Plan Act. Employers will sponsor a small portion of the training costs and commit to retaining graduates for one calendar year following their completion of the program.

Professional Development specialists will help prepare graduates to advance into technical and tech-adjacent roles with their current employer. Program graduates can be found in roles such as Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Application Developer, Quality Assurance, Salesforce Administrator, Java Developer, and more.

Maricopa employers and residents of all ages and backgrounds are invited to apply - especially those at risk of layoff and those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic! The application is now live and accessible here!

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