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AWS re/Start and Tech Talent South Announce Collaboration

Mary Lachapelle, Apr, 15 2022 | 1 min read


AWS re/Start, a skills development program that prepares unemployed or underemployed individuals for entry-level careers in the cloud, is collaborating with Tech Talent South, a certified woman-owned tech recruiting, training, and staffing company. Tech Talent South will support learners throughout the AWS re/Start program and help them launch careers in cloud computing. Together, AWS re/Start and Tech Talent South are excited to help individuals develop in-demand cloud skills and prepare for jobs in and around their local communities.

The program’s mission is to help unemployed and underemployed individuals who might not otherwise have access to technical education develop the skills they need to pursue entry-level cloud roles. Tech Talent South helps learners gain job-specific skills, connect with employers, and embark on their cloud careers in roles such as cloud operations, site reliability, infrastructure support, and technical adjacent business support functions. "We are thrilled to collaborate with AWS re/Start," says Betsy Hauser, CEO of Tech Talent South. "This program will change the lives of learners across the country and provide top-notch candidates to companies in desperate need of skilled technical talent."

To support this mission, Tech Talent South will:

  • Launch four remote AWS re/Start cohorts in 2022, beginning May 2nd, June 27th, August 22nd, and October 17th.
  • Deliver the training at no cost to learners by leveraging corporate and municipal funding.
  • Recruit learners nationally to participate in the program.
  • Support program graduates through the interview process for entry-level cloud roles. 

Interested learners can apply through Tech Talent South’s website here! 

About Tech Talent South: Tech Talent South is a woman-owned tech recruitment, training, and staffing company that has the unique ability to access individuals with aptitude, equip them with technical skills, and pipeline them to corporate partners in a rapid timeframe, cutting employer recruiting costs and the talent education timeline.

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