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17 Data Scientists of Color That You Should Follow Right Now

Sydney Stern Miller, Jul, 24 2020 | 9 min read

17 Data Scientists of Color You Should Follow_Collage Image


We can’t help but notice that when lists like this get released, the overwhelming majority of featured folks are white. We’ve curated a list of people of color who are providing valuable insights, wisdom, and projects in the fields of data science, AI, and machine learning. In addition, we offer scholarships for technology education courses such as programming and data science to underrepresented folks in tech, including Black, indigenous, people of color, women, and veterans. Our goal is to help close the diversity gap by training based on aptitude, not access.

Data captured in March of 2020 predicts that there will be 8.05 million STEM workers in 2028. African American youth are the least likely racial group to enter technology fields (U.S. Department of Labor). We as a global community must continue to listen, learn, and educate our peers on the advantages gained from diverse perspectives and experiences. That work starts with being role models and activists to support and encourage participation for underrepresented students in STEM.

If you’re in data science, want to break into data science, or simply have an appreciation for the humans behind machine learning, we strongly encourage you to follow these leaders and join the community. This publication is not to say that there aren’t incredible white data scientists – there are many of them. But today, and in this article, we celebrate our colleagues and changemakers of color.


  1. Admond Lee Kin Lim
    Data Scientist, Micron Technology
    Linkedin | Twitter

  2. Amon Millner
    Associate Professor of Computing and Innovation at Olin College of Engineering
    Linkedin | Twitter | Website

  3. Angela Baltes
    Institutional Data Scientist, The University of New Mexico

    Linkedin | Website | Medium

  4. Anil Thomas
    Principal Engineer, Intel | Kaggle Grandmaster

    Linkedin | Website | Github

  5. Balaji Lakshminarayanan
    Staff Research Scientist, Google AI Bran, previously DeepMind

    Linkedin | Twitter | Website

  6. Dat Tran
    Head of AI at Axel Springer AI

    Linkedin | Twitter | Website

  7. David Odaibo, PhD
    Data Scientist, Kaggle Grandmaster

    Linkedin | Podcast

  8. David Praise Chukwuma Kalu
    Data Scientist

    Linkedin | Twitter | Github

  9. Jamelle Watson-Daniels
    Director of Research at Data For Black Lives, Applied Math Ph.D. Student at Harvard University|

    Linkedin | Twitter

  10. Kareem Carr
    Statistics Ph.D. Student at Harvard University
    Linkedin | Twitter

  11. Quoc V. Le
    Principal Scientist, Google Brain Team

    Linkedin | Twitter

  12. Rayssa Küllian
    Science Manager, Amazon

    Linkedin | Twitter | Github

  13. Rohan Rao
    Data Scientist @ H2O.ai

    Linkedin | Twitter

  14. Shivam Bansal
    Senior Data Scientist @ H2O.ai

    Linkedin | Twitter | Website

  15. Tejas Kulkarni
    Artificial Intelligence Researcher. Former: Scientist at Google DeepMind

    Linkedin | Twitter | Website

  16. Vijay Pravin Maharajan
    Data Storyteller | TEDx Speaker

    Linkedin | Twitter | Website

  17. Yeshimabeit Milner
    Founder & Executive Director of Data For Black Lives

    Linkedin | Twitter
    Yeshimabeit’s network of 4000+ data scientists & community changemakers uses data science to fuel social & policy changes through Data for Black Lives @data4blacklives


Not seeing the name of a data science giant that should be on this list? Let us know whom we’re missing!



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