Becoming the most Creatively Entrepreneurial Iteration of Yourself

By Carl Nordgren August 28, 2017

Do you have an idea? Want to give it some momentum?

Coding or Modern-Day Sorcery?

By Doug Watson November 11, 2016

I’m beginning to feel like a modern-day sorcerer.

Learning a New Language

By Madison Iszler October 24, 2016

Like many students in the United States, I took Spanish classes in middle and high school. I..

Moments of Significance

By Alisha Browne August 3, 2016

Alisha is enrolled in the Raleigh Summer 2016 Intro to Web Design & Creation program.

More Rewarding Than Earning My MBA

By Annette Myers May 27, 2016

Last week I graduated from the full-time TTS Code Immersion Program, and the experience was more..


By Emily Connors May 11, 2016

As a child, I would spend hours playing with legos.  I loved how each piece had its own place.  I..

Programming and Production

By Mithun Selvaratnam May 9, 2016

Compression. Side-chaining. Phase cancellation. Automatic double-tracking. These terms probably..

Fourth Time's a Charm

By Lea Bellai May 5, 2016

My first general engineering class I ever took was ‘Engineering Tools’. This particular class..

Full Circle

By Tiara Richardson April 18, 2016

I built my first website at age 15. Granted, it was not a masterpiece, but I loved it because I..

Coding Challenge Completed

By Amber Galvanosi March 3, 2016

The final week at Tech Talent South is here, and I have to say I am sad to say goodbye. It has been..

Girl on Rails: How coding bootcamp develops more than just applications

By April Kelly February 24, 2016

“You’d be good at it. Seriously, anyone can learn how to code if they take the time to do it,” my..

Mother Knows Best

By Brian McDonald February 19, 2016

My mother always told me to major in computer science when I got to college.  “There are tons of..


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