4 Reasons I Code With TTS

By Jill Tankersley January 19, 2016

I like to shop, but when I make massive purchases or investments, I’ve learned to always do my..

What I Learned at Tech Talent South in 8 Weeks (besides coding)

By Geraldine Galue December 13, 2015

When I joined Tech Talent South’s Fall 2015 cohort, I went in thinking that it would be just like..

How TTS Found Me…

By LeVar Gilford October 26, 2015

Sometimes in life you reach a point where you have to make a decision about where you are going in..

5 Most Meaningful Lessons I Learned from Coding Bootcamp

By Megan Tiu September 28, 2015

As the summer draws to a close, I am now finishing up Tech Talent South’s summer full-time program...

5 (New) Reasons Why I (Still) Love TTS

By Ashlynne Morgan September 16, 2015

Keeping with the theme of my post from 8 weeks ago when I first started the code immersion course..

Building a New Foundation

By Matthew Fenton February 17, 2015

Learning a foreign language is pretty difficult. During my first few weeks at Tech Talent South,..

Lessons in Learning

By Jennifer Krohn February 12, 2015

I can still remember learning how to ride a bike, not the big kids’ bike, but a bike with training..

Grace for the Journey

By Aubrey Chaffin February 10, 2015

We meet in a room at Strongbox West, a co-working complex down the road from Octane and Georgia..


By Laura Berkobin January 30, 2015

My introduction to the intangible world of technology was through my first cell phone.  Upon..

Practice Makes Permanent

By Cameron Herron January 26, 2015

Practice makes permanent. That’s the mantra I’ve used my whole life, even when initially told that..


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