5 reasons to host in the cloud… from the start

By Brian Triplett June 21, 2017

So you’ve got a great idea for an app or your looking to put your newly minted Ruby, Python,..

Ben Norton: Marine, Ballroom Dancer & Senior Developer

By Meagan Michal June 21, 2017

Before learning to code, Benjamin went by titles including (but not limited to) Advertising..

Better Errors: Debugging Rails using two cool gems!

By Sam Skinner June 20, 2017

Many years ago when I was first learning to ski, I could barely slide five feet without falling..

Emily Brinkley: Momma in Web Development

By Meagan Michal June 18, 2017

Emily Brinkley is a mom of 2, and a front end developer. She was in PR & Marketing before..

Cristina Veale: From Tech Recruiter to Front End Developer

By Meagan Michal June 16, 2017

Cristina is a UI Developer & advocate for hiring Women in tech in Charlotte. She was working as..

Geraldine Galue - First Software Developer at New Story Charity

By Meagan Michal June 13, 2017

Geraldine identified an inefficiency with outsourcing web development work at the international..

Taste of Test

By Josh Hnath June 12, 2017

Writing a test in Ruby can come in two popular flavors, minitest and Rspec. When I was at my..

Give your web visitors a better experience with optimized images for web.

By Tim Rosenberg June 12, 2017

You’ve experienced it before. You visit a website and the images take too long to load, so you..

Jill Tankersley Tells All

By Meagan Michal June 9, 2017


All of these are titles for Jill Tankersley, Tech Talent..

Doctoral Philosophy Student turned Software Engineer

By Wesley Chambers May 31, 2017

I came to coding by a long and winding road.

Finding My Passion through Coding

By Vivian Nguyen January 26, 2017

After graduating from Georgia State University with a Biology degree, I realized that I was in..

Just ask!

By Alajuwon Thomas January 17, 2017

Hi, my name is Alajuwon Thomas and I attend the Tech Talent South Code Immersion course in..


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